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August 2015

For the love of Grog!

File Aug 13, 2 30 11 AM

This entry is of Grog Strongjaw from Critical Role played by Travis Willingham. Seeing that Grog is supposed to be a Goliath Barbarian I really wanted to express a sense of scale and strength without being cartoony. Giving him a tall Lurch style of physique brought a nice imposing figure to him. Yet again this was all done in the Procreate app for the iPad.

Hope you enjoy



File Aug 19, 12 06 12 AM

Here we have Pike from Critical Role played by Ashley Johnson. This is one of those select few drawings where you feel as if you got it right on the first try. This only took around an hour or so to complete. I wanted to give her a simple armor with a hint of fancyness. Yet again I tried to get the likeness of the actress into the character and I feel as if it was successful. This was created on the Procreate app for the iPad.

Hope you enjoy

Vex’ahlia and her Trinket

File Aug 19, 12 05 29 AM

Again I was inspired by the amazing show Critical Role and decided with all my free time to draw Vex’ahlia and her bear Trinket played by Laura Bailey. As always I created this using Procreate on my iPad mini. This one took quite a while for many reasons. One being drawing women has always been my kryptonite and the other reason is that drawing two¬†characters and one of them being a giant fuzzy bear seams to just take a while. In the end I feel it was quite successful.

Hope you enjoy

I encourage violence! – Tiberius

File Aug 19, 12 04 29 AM

Tiberius from the amazing Twitch show “Critical Role” as played by Orion Acaba. This was the first sketch that I have done in quite a while, but being inspired by this great character I just had to take a swing at it. I created this on my iPad mini using the amazing tool Procreate. This one only took around 2 hours, mainly because I didn’t know what a Dragonborn from D&D looked like. So with a lot of play I was able to finally come to something I quite enjoyed.

Hope you enjoy

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