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August 2016

Portrait Series: The Overlord


The final work in my portrait series is that of the DM of Critical Role Matthew Mercer. As he runs the game including all of the denizens of the great world he has constructed I felt it necessary to go for a ethereal “Beyonder” type. This was another of this series that frustrated the crap out of me. I honestly can count the amount of times I restarted this piece (even when I was almost finished I completely restarted) because I was never really content with the feeling. But as they say no art is ever really finished it’s just abandoned.


Hope you enjoy


Portrait Series: Pike


And we come to the final party member for my portrait series Pike the Gnome Cleric. I found when looking at a lot of other people’s rendition of Pike that she was often portrayed as silly looking or childish. For this piece I decided to showcase the calm beauty of the character, while still showing the hardness that battle ready warrior holds.


Hope you enjoy

Portrait Series: Scanlan


The diminutive entertainer and self imposed leader of the group brings us the 6th in my portrait series. For this one I worked quite a while to give some roguish qualities of the gnome bard. While trying to attain a certain level of playfulness with his features.

Hope you enjoy

Portrait Series: Vex’ahlia


For the 5th iteration of the portrait series we come to the ranger of the group Vex’ahlia. I have to be honest in the fact that this was the hardest one of these pieces to do. It took at least 3 weeks of work and completely redoing the entire thing at least 3 times. In the end I believe that it turned out quite well. The real challenge was to get a softness to the features and trying to get the long dark hair to register as actual hair and not a dark mass of nothing.

Hope you enjoy

Portrait Series: Percy


The 4th in my portrait series of the Critical Role cast is the enigmatic Percival Fredrickstein Von Musel Klossowski de Rolo III. Here I worked with a lighter color palate to give his face an etherial and worn look. I just kept thinking of a French revolutionary soldier as the inspiration.

Hope you enjoy

Portrait Series: Vax’ildan


Yet again continuing my portrait series of the Critical Role cast. This time adding the roguish rogue Vax’ildan. I started playing with the colors under the skin to achieve a more realistic and subtle shading the piece here. While also playing with the different planes of the face to highlight lighting.


Hope you enjoy

Portrait Series: Keyleth


It’s funny I keep forgetting to update this site along with all the other social media sites. Oh well…  …anyways here is the second in my portrait series. This time everyone’s favorite half-elf druid. I really wanted to work on the skin and hair for this one. As it’s always been hard for me to draw women this piece proved to be quite a challenge. However this one came out to be one of my favorite of the series. All this was done in Photoshop.

Hope you enjoy

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